Reaffirming its willingness to fully cooperate with the reparation efforts of the United Nations armed forces under the Charter and to reach agreement on universal regulation and reduction of weapons, properly guaranteeing violations, 2. The Government of the Federal People`s Republic of Yugoslavia will use the aid exclusively to promote the objectives of the United Nations Charter for the Promotion of International Peace and Security and strengthen the defence of the Federal Federal Republic of Yugoslavia against aggression. “During the negotiations, the two governments have consistently drawn on the principle of respect for each other`s sovereignty, reciprocity of their interests, respect for their equality as members of the United Nations, and the commitments made by both United Nations to the goals and principles of the United Nations. For example, the agreement provides that, in the interest of international security, each base can be made available to the United Nations Security Council, by mutual agreement between the United States and the Republic of the Philippines, in which they wish to define the conditions for granting such aid; “This agreement is based on priority concern and the desire of both governments to take appropriate measures in terms of mutual protection, as both Congresses have expressly endorsed in joint resolutions. NOTE.- The Senate, in resolution 29 of March 26, 1947, approved this agreement by which the Philippines provides 22 bases for the intervention of U.S. forces. Five of these bases are important areas of operation, the rest for the intervention of auxiliaries and for the purposes of cemetery and recreation centre. In addition, there are 7 areas designated as potential bases that can be defined in future developments. While the Tydings-McDuffie Act did not compel the United States to use its bases in the Philippines for our defence, the joint resolution of the U.S.

Congress of June 1944 became aware of our war association and promised the use of U.S. military facilities in the Philippines for our mutual protection. For us, it was the decisive part of all this development. This was a historic abandonment of the policy pursued so far, as defined by the Independence Act. The current basic agreement is a welcome result of this change. After disagreements with General Charles de Gaulle over the leadership of the United States in NATO and the support of American governments to right-wing military regimes, in accordance with the declared communist containment policy – such as the Spanish Franco state and the New Order of Portugal [13] or the Greek regime of the colonels [14][15] following the protests of the Vietnam War , left-wing public opinion in the United States and Europe has raised the question of whether POPs are being used as instruments of any “American political imperialism.” [16] The CIA`s utterly enigmatic role in these programs has also fuelled the controversy that culminated in the fall and assassination of Chilean President Salvador Allende after an alleged CIA-sponsored military coup in 1973 – a controversy that has yet to be resolved. [17] 2.